Sunday, 29 May 2011

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

v Devils

Monday night saw the very first game against the London Devils. Both teams started well and a closely fought first period with the teams sussing each other out and on a goal by Jake saw the teams end the first period with 1 a piece.
The second period didnt go to plan for the Statesmen and a lucklustre period saw the Devils score 5 unanswered goals to lead 6-1.
The third period was a lot better for the Statesmen and though out the game played with a lot more conviction and with the exception of some tired legs and a couple of late goals should have won the period.
A very enjoyable game despite the scoreline and hopefully the teams will meet again soon.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

v Vanssa Flyers

The Statesmen welcomed the Vanssa Flyers from Finland. A loss but a very good natured game in which both teams enjoyed.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

No Jesting

The Statesmen completed the first round of their away games in the Eskimo Cup with a very good win against the MK Jesters (8-5).
The Statesmen started of the more spritely of the teams with a goal from Jon Leslie on 41seconds. The Statesmen then solidified the lead with another on 6mins from Jamie O'Dell (2-0) on a delayed penalty and the Statesmen looked like they could run away with the game. This wasnt to be and the Jesters never lost their heads and battled back to (2-1) after 12mins, the Statesmen then took the advantage again with a goal by John C at the end of the period (3-1).
The Statesmen started strong again in the 2nd with a goal by Ty on 24mins (4-1), though this game was not over by far, with the Statesmen never really being able to shake them off and the Jesters not giving up they scored 2 in quick succession to make it (4-3).
Mark Freitag got a well needed goal on 35mins to give the Statesmen a bit of breathing space (5-3), then a couple of silly penalties and the ref not realising that players will be playing with a bit more ambition when 5-3 down, got the Jesters back into it and the period finishing (5-5) with it all to play for.
The Statesmen started off again the better team and got a goal by Jake Switzer (one of a brace) and another a minute later by Marcus Cast gave the Statesmen the breathing room needed and the period finished off with another by Jake for the win (8-5).
This leaves it all to play for in the cup with the Statesmen 2-1 from 3 games, looks like its going to be a well fought cup and not much between the teams.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Cup win v Legion

The Statesmen started the years fixtures with a game against our old rivals the London Legion. With us just getting back to regular training after nearly a year off due to the closure of Ally Pally it was good to get back to training and into a cup game early on.
After a jittery first period, the Statesmens training seemed to pay off with us controlling the game but just not able to get a lot of shots off or score. After not being able to score on a penalty shot, the Legion capitalised off us not marking the points and a deflected goal saw them take the lead (0-1).
The second period saw the Statesmen get into their stride and start shooting more and putting pressure on the Legions goalie, there was some good scoring chances for both teams and the Statesmen finally got on the scoresheet with an effort from Mark Fen (1-1).
The goal galvinised the Statesmen and eventually took the lead in the third period with a goal from Jake (2-1). Ty extended the lead a few minutes after and looked likely to seal the win (3-1), though this was nearly not to be as the Statesmen seemed to go after the best form of defence is attack philosiphy (ie everyone jumping forward wanting to score) and the Legion pulled one back to make it 3-2 and managed to hold on for the last few minutes and held on when the Legion pulled their keeper.
A great win and first of the Eskimo cup.
MOTM Marcus

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Blown away

Friday night saw us play the Romford Tornado's and the rivalry took an interesting step. The game was Ritchies last as a Statesmen and we will all miss him and wish him well as he's going back to Canada.
There was an ideal start for the Tornado's with a lucky bounce on a shot to nothing going in, we just knew then it was going to be one of those days. With the Statesmen looking completely out of sorts, most people havent trained since May and we've only had 2 games in the last 3 months and it showed, Romford raced to a 4-0 lead.
A game of 2 halves (seemed like a good idea at the time), the second was a different story and the Statesmen finally found a bit of rythm and were all over the Tornados, getting back to within 2 goals at 6-4, but it was too little too late and a couple of late goals from Romford put the game to bed, 8-4.
3-1 up at the moment so the next game will be interesting.
MOTM James;)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

James hits 50 games

The game against the Legion saw James hit 50 games for the Statesmen with a very impressive 80 goals and 141 points, congratulations James.